Control and Transparency - Fixed cost for your preventative maintenance, no hidden expenses
Optimised Performance - Get the most out of your equipment
Safety and Efficiency - Original manufacturer expertise to maintain the highest standards of care

Flex Service will ensure you get the most out of your equipment ensuring performance and the highest standards of care.

Our team will help you optimize your efficiency while assuring the safety of both patients and caregivers. Ourservice contract offerings provides close customer relations, with a guaranteed full cost transparency, control and fixed price.

Our Service

Your Success

At ArjoHuntleigh we understand your situation for a stronger focus on performance:

  • A larger elderly population with fewer hands to care for them
  • A need to focus on your core activity to provide the best possible care
  • A higher need for efficiency while still focusing on caregiver safety and dignity of patients
  • A transparent and stabile financial spending with no unexpected costs
With over 50 years experience, at ArjoHuntleigh we are dedicated to safe and efficient care environments that are safe and cost effective. Our superior solutions have raised the standard of care environments around the world, reducing the number of needless injuries to caregivers, residents, and patients while improving operating income. 

Note: Local variations may be applicable


Require a spare part for your equipment?

Choosing the right spare part for your medical equipment can sometimes be tricky, that's why we are trying to make it easier, and quicker.  

Now you are able to submit a spare part request online; anywhere, anytime. 

Simply input the spare part you require or upload a photo of the piece of equipment which requires the part, and we will do the rest.

Just another way we are making it easier to do business with us.

Request a spare part now